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ArtNatura Surprise Packaging in yellow colored toiletry bag
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What kind of ingredients am I using?

I choose my ingredients carefully. It is not the price of the raw material that determines
what goes into the soaps or the creams. What does it mean?

Purely natural

There is not such an ingredient in my workshop that is not given by nature. This is the first rule.

From a sustainable source

I use raw materials that are made with sustainability in mind. Therefore my products do not contain eg. palm oil.


I am developing my products without animal tests and I pursue using ingredients which are also cruelty-free.


Product packaging are made from recycled materials and I collect all waste selectively in my workshop.


I am developing all the recipes myself and all products are tested by a laboratory before I start selling them in the webshop. I make all the products so I can pay maximum attention to the quality of them.


This is my "craziness" and I believe that this is good for the animals and for our planet.


Évi's thoughts....

I share some of my thoughts with you from time to time
Read it if you like!

Why is makeup remover and facial toner good for your skin and which one to choose?

You’ve probably seen that a few months ago water flower water-based facial tonics and make-up remover, which are also rich in active ingredients, appeared in our offer. I would like to share with you some very important information about them.

January 16.
Which ArtNatura natural deodorant is the best for you?

I've promised that I make a short summary about ArtNatura deodorants.

August 20.
Why skin scrubbing is important?

Like everything in the nature, our skin is going through renewal from time to time. In the deeper layers of our skin new skin cells are born and the old ones are constantly dying and surfacing.

May 24.
What will you be when you grow up?

I asked a question on my Facebook page a few days ago. I was asking you whether you remember what was your reply in your childhood to the question “What will you be when you grow up?” I was so happy, because I have received a lot of comments with funny stories.

April 24.
ArtNatura in Vanity Fair

Let me share with you a story, because I still hardly believe that it is true. On the 13 th of February I have received an e-mail. My first reaction was that I have asked my husband for checking it, because my presumption was that it must be just a joke.

April 5.
The secret is in the PROPER USAGE

When I started to make handmade soaps many of my friends said that they stopped using soaps because they get sloppy and after a couple of usage they break apart in their hands and dissolve.

April 5.

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Let's get to know

what type of skin do you have?

If you're not sure what type of skin do you have, just go through and you'll recognize it. You can also search for ArtNatura products according to your skin type.


tight, non-sensitive, dewy skin


Combination skin




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